Since the launch at two four54 Abu Dhabi, Notch as a homegrown start-up aims to provide the ultimate customer experience through AI. Thanks to our angel investors, we managed to expand in 200 days from Abu Dhabi to Egypt, resulting in a significant raise needed to augment our operations and add more flagships to our presence in Egypt and more.


Our operations are simplified to overcome the complexity of customer communications.

As part of the brand-customer relationship, we created 3 pillars, supported by Notch technologies which are empowered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, to allow the team serves a wide range of verticals.


Reaching to businesses’ customers and delivering services are now simply justified through the conversational commerce powered by our Ai Notchify℗ our patented omni channel platform. It’s an efficient machine learning that includes a great understanding of various languages and situations.

Notch Digital

Exploring the full potential of digital marketing by managing multiple customer touchpoints from one platform, a SaaS platform Notch D©. We maximize your customers’ exposure to your brand through our various digital solutions that are based on effective strategies.

Notch Loyalty

Acquiring, engaging and retaining your customers are all achieved by our KYC and loyalty suite that are supported by our machine learning and Notch Ai technologies. Notch Carousel℗ loyalty platform offers the experience of receiving countless splendid rewards and redeeming points.

Our Values

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