Notch D

We believe that it is key to have innovation in what we deliver, it must be simple. By implementing this, it helps us to have intentional and effective interactions between our clients and the whole ecosystem. Clients appoint Notch D© to their preferred customer experience or even focus on a single touchpoint which are various social media platforms to have the optimum satisfaction and excellence in performance. We integrate physical and digital across service, product, architecture, and commerce.



We create

We help our client’s business make a larger impact, intensify their motivation to create new products, and develop narratives interactions and imaginations that help to improve and entertain its users

We Listen

We provide the ultimate customer experience to your customers in terms of analysis that in-detail figure out more opportunities on acquiring new audiences among demographics, measuring campaigns’ performance, and providing an overview on the trending topics and hashtags.

We Advertise

Ad management and reporting to your channels and audiences easily go with our advertising digital solution. The advertising digital solution advantage is extremely beneficial as it saves your team’s time, while with Smart Labels, you can activate advanced, automatic advertising parameters for any organic post with just a few clicks.

We Engage

Across all social media platforms, the customizable inbox guarantees an effective moderation process. A variety of features, such as feeds, labels, filtering, messages and comments are established to ensure your team can moderate and rapidly respond to all your customers. To save time and ensure your customer satisfaction, we offer custom response templates and bulk actions.

We Measure

Business channels’ performance is analyzed in terms of engagement and team performance metrics. The analysis is showcased in represented reports that not only measure and analyze customers’ engagement and team performance metrics but also measure business efforts and social ROI. This is one of the few platforms that support analyzing Instagram stories.

We Segment

Leave fragmented marketing behind because audience profile cards give you a handy 360° view of your customers and prospects at an individual and accumulated level.

We Manage

Community Management is the key to develop an effective social media plan. Monitoring, engaging, moderating and measuring across all social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are Community Management breakdown. Managing monitoring processes induces tracking all the conversations that refer to your brand. Through tracking all conversations, we catch opportunities that go bigger from customers’ complaints to viral hashtags.

We Digitize

Digital PR is a marketing strategy developed through the internet that many businesses now resort to invest in to reach more audiences and to increase their online presence across all social media platforms. The variety of Digital PR methods, such as online press releases, interestingly informative articles, influential blogs, and catchy infographics impacts visibility and helps to quickly reach your business target audience.